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Weekly E-Pistle for Sunday 05/13/18

This Sunday, May 13th

Holy Communion - 10AM at Holy Trinity
All are welcome to receive Communion!

The gospel for Easter's seventh Sunday is always taken from the long prayer Jesus prays for his followers in John's gospel on the night before his death, and always includes Jesus' desire that his followers will be one as he and the Father are one. This oneness is not mere doctrinal agreement or institutional unity, but mutual abiding, interpenetrating life, mutual love and joy. This oneness is the work of the Spirit whom we have received but also await. Come, Holy Spirit!

Sunday's readings:  

Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 
Matthias added to the apostles
Psalm 1 
The Lord knows the way of the righteous. (Ps. 1:6)
1 John 5:9-13 
Life in the Son of God
John 17:6-19 
Christ's prayer for his disciples

Serving God on Sunday May 13th
Assisting Minister:  Holy Trinity
Crucifer/Acolyte:  Holy Trinity
Lector:  Holy Trinity
Ushers:  Holy Trinity
Flowers:  Holy Trinity
Friendship Hour:  Holy Trinity
Sacristans:  Holy Trinity
Pianist:  Cesar Cancino
Counters:  Anita Patten and Wayne Olson
Janitorial:  Karen Spears
Groundskeeper:  Matt Thelen

Worship Schedule

Service and communion at Holy Trinity in May, 10:00AM 

New Congregation Name...

Consolidation updates:
Joint Councils continue to meet monthly, most recently discussing the structure and function of the new congregation's council and committees.

Constitution Draft Recommendations Committee has completed many hours of review of both constitutions with progress being made on a draft constitution and bylaws for our new congregation.

Property Assessment Committees at both churches continue to review our properties, preparing lists of needed repairs.  Written observations may be turned in to Don Ockrassa or Craig Pyle.

A lawyer is being consulted to advise with legal ramifications of consolidation process.

For questions about any of these issues or to provide input please refer to Know Your Church Council near the end of this publication for whom to contact.
Brown Bag Ministry Update from Karen Spears
I am delighted to see more and more people taking Brown Bags to give to the hungry, who are always with us. If you can, I encourage you to engage them in a little conversation letting them know that they are "real people" and worthy of being acknowledged as such. The cost of the bag remain about $4.00. Donations can be placed either in the special brown bag envelopes, available at the Brown Bag display table or in any envelope marked "Brown Bag Ministry" and placed in the offering plate. We also have blankets available to give out. They are located under the table in the hallway leading to Friendship Hall. We have many more blankets stored in the annex so feel free to take one or more to hand out. No additional blanket donations are needed at this time.

Celebrating May Birthdays

2-Dean Ahlberg
5-Lisa Olson
15-Carmen Harnish
21-Anita Patten

Note:  I am in the process of reconstructing the monthly birthday list.  If I get it wrong or someone is left out for the month, please let me know.  Contact me at or call or text me at (707) 980-9667.

Opportunities for Study
Draft Social Statement on Women and Justice.  This is a process statement from the ELCA and feedback from both women and men is sought.  You can take a look at the statement and print it out at This is an interesting and challenging discussion for us to engage in and broad participation is encouraged.  We will meet downstairs at the hosting service church. 

Martha Circle, women's Bible Study using "Gather" magazine meets the third Thursday of each month in Fellowship Hall at St. Paul's.  Bring your own bag lunch and dessert will be served by the monthly hostess. 

Opportunities for Service
Joint choir practice will meet upstairs at the hosting congregation at 8:45 AM under the direction of Dean Ahlberg.  New singers are always welcome.

Food Basket Sunday.  The first Sunday of each month when we are having service at St. Paul's.  Food donations go to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties.
Brown Bag Lunches for distribution to the homeless are located in Fellowship Hall.
Sewing Ministry:  The 1st Thursday of every month in Fellowship Hall from 1 to 4 pm.  Both women and men are welcome.  No prior sewing experience is required.

"Without the discipline of prayer, the world retains its illusions. Without an hour of public prayers, or half hour of private prayer, or ten minutes of quiet meditation, or saying a brief prayer of gratitude before or after a meal, we forget that God is present in the world and in our life. When we remember to pray in the morning, when we are mindful of the present moment, when we set apart Saturday or Sunday as the Sabbath, God's special day of the week, then all of life, and all times and places, and all people that we see are transformed by the light of God. The more we pray--in the sense of living a prayerful life--the more we desire to be with God in prayer. Prayer creates in us a hunger and thirst to be with the One whom we have see shining through nature and moments in time, people and events." -Henri Nouwen-SPIRITUAL FORMATION 

Christ's Care List

(Recent Additions or Updates)

The seniors affected by the closing of the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and loss of services and service disruptions. The county social services leaders and community social service and nonprofit providers struggling to redirect and save as many services as possible with as little disruption as possible.

Residents of Hawaii struggling with recent volcano eruptions and earthquakes.

Healing of body, mind, and spirit...

Keith Domingo continues therapy to heal from his broken arm surgery and will be on disability through May 25.

The family of Carmen Harnish and other families coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and still without electricity.

Lisa Olson struggling with multiple health issues, diet adjustments and diagnostic issues.

Gary Schumacher diagnosed with stage 3, non-small cell lung cancer as he continues in treatment and struggles with swallowing issues.

Those Who Grieve:

The family of Eugene Duquettee, brother of Sonya Domingo.

Those Who Need Long Term Prayer:

Margaret Cole
Anna Hervey
Jan Jackson
Louisa Johnson and Don Johnson (as he provides care for Louisa) 
Gladys Jones (Kathy Campas-Sutin's mother)
Caryl Kroan
Don and Ila Stradal parents of Pr. Dawn.
Angelika Shanley
Robin Slusher as she navigates the legal process in pursuit of justice for her granddaughter and other children at risk.

We also pray for:
  • Those affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters. Your support through Lutheran Disaster Response will bring hope and healing to those who have or will be affected. Donations can be made on line at ( or call (800)638-3522. 
  • Pray for an end to acts of terrorism and hatred in our country and around the world. Pray also for those who hate that their hearts might be changed. Pray also that we will not become numb and will work toward sensible laws to discourage violence.
  • The communities of both St. Paul's and Holy Trinity as we continue to explore the possibility of consolidation.
  • An end to racism and its injustice
  • A just and lasting peace in the Holy Land
  • The peace talks in the Korean Peninsula that they may bear good fruit.
  • Refugees
  • Those serving the armed forces.

Please Note:

If you wish to add new prayer requests please contact Judy Faye at, or (707) 980-9667 or (707) 557-4531. When submitting new names, be sure to use an identifier such as friend of Karen Spears or daughter of Jessica Nelson. Also briefly tell us the reason you are requesting prayers such as recent surgery so people will know what to pray for. If you see names on the list that it is time to remove, your own, or an old submission please let Judy know. With the exception of the Long Term Category, Council has recommended that names will be placed on the list for one month and then removed unless a new request with an update is submitted. If a name disappears that you want to stay in, just contact Judy with the reason you are requesting continuing prayer and she will add it back. 

Kindly Remember
Submissions to The Weekly e-pistle are due on Tuesday of each week as we agreed to at our Congregation Meeting.  If you submit an article late, and it still has significance for the next week it will be included then. 

Know Your Church Council
Don Ockrassa, President  (510) 719-7730,
Craig Pyle, Vice President (707) 645-7092,
Keith Domingo, Secretary (707) 373-2774,
Corie Hervey, returning member (510) 691-2728
Kim Hervey, new member (707) 334-4872 (Use text messaging)
Kathy Sutin , Church Treasurer, Ex officio member (707) 333-0150 (use text messaging)
Rev. Dr. Dawn Roginski (650) 771-4241
Please know that you are free to contact your council members with questions you might have about church governance.  Remember to be patient while waiting for a response as most council members hold full time jobs and volunteer their free time to the church.  They will get back to you as soon as possible.  You are also welcome to attend council meetings with the exception of occasional closed executive sessions dealing with such things as personnel matters.  If you wish to get something on the council agenda for a regular council meeting, contact Keith Domingo.  If you wish to view council minutes, they are on file in the office.  Any council member can help you access these.  Remember if you are viewing minutes, they do not become final and official until approved at the next meeting.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church
The Reverend Dr. Dawn Roginski
650.771.4241 (cell)
707-643-5761 (Church)
1300 Tuolumne Street
Vallejo, California 94590
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 1300 Tuolumne Street, Vallejo, CA 94590
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